Capture Your Pet's Spirit with Stunning Wall Art

Pet photographer for pet parents 
in and around Nashville, TN.

capture their personality

convenient and fun

heirloom quality artwork

They don't live forever.

I get it. As pet owners, we wish they could live forever. Our pets bring such joy to our lives, and it's important that we celebrate them and capture their unique personalities.

  • Worried they won't sit still?
  • Having trouble thinking of fun photo ideas?
  • Confused by all the different printing options?

Don't worry. I have photographed many pets who rarely sat still. We can come up with great photo ideas together. And I can answer all of your questions about printed artwork. 

I will come to you, plan your session, ensure your pet has a great time, and help you decide what artwork to invest in.


I was afraid we wouldn't get any good pictures because my cats were not cooperative. Ashley is very knowledgable about cats and knows how to get their attention. She was so patient and gentle with them, and I ended up with silly photos of them that make me smile.


My dog is big and intimidating if you don't know her, and she doesn't like strangers. The photo session was easy and convenient, and I really love the photos of me and my dog together.



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This phone call is our chance to get to know each other and for you to tell me all about your pet. We will go over session locations, posing ideas, outfits, and everything in between.



We meet and work together to capture beautiful images of your pet. Their personality will shine through.



I show you the best images from your session and help you choose which ones to print and cherish forever.

Let's Get Started!

Cherish them always.

Too few pet parents have professional artwork of their pets. As a pet owner, I get it. 

We all have hundreds of photos of our pets on our phones, and few of us have professional cameras. But phone photos are often blurry or messy and can't be printed large. 

Our pets aren't here for very long, and if we don't celebrate them while they are here, it will be almost like they never existed. 

You deserve high-quality artwork of your pet so that you can cherish them and remember them forever.

Start Planning My Session

3 Tips for Taking Cat Photos

I do more than take pretty pictures. I take the time to let your pet get comfortable with me so their unique personality comes out. I also help you choose the right artwork to invest in. 

When I first started with photography, I thought the most important thing was to take pretty pictures. I rarely printed my photos, and when I did, I would get them printed at a drug store. 

Once I got photos of my pets printed on canvases and in photo albums, I realized how much more impact those photos have. Our photos are artwork, and our pets are such important parts of our lives. Their photos deserve to decorate our homes.

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